Utility Dock XL 12ft 6in


Brand: Paddle North

Inflatable Dock / Swim Platform

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This is not your typical inflatable. It’s robust, rigid, and ready for any body of water. The Utility Dock XL will provide you and your family (yes, even your dog) infinite possibilities for fun on the water. Use it as swim raft, connect it to your dock, or set up your patio chairs on it… the possibilities are endless!

  • Length: 12 feet
  • Width: 6 feet
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 2,000 pounds


  • Extreme rigidity and buoyancy – made from the highest grade, 1.2mm drop-stitch PVC in a 6″ thickness.
  • Compact storage – about 1/4 of the size other foam mats on the market.
  • No over inflation – regulator, or “bleeder” valve, so over inflation is a thing of the past. This is especially important in warm weather environments where intense sunlight can increase pressure quickly when pulled out of the water.
  • Universal valve – Halkey-Roberts valves allow any type of air compressor or heavy duty electric pump to be used with a readily available fitting or adapter. They also self-seal, so there’s no race to close it (losing valuable air pressure.)
  • Strengthen up to 18 psi – all seams are built to withstand up to 18 psi with our unique 3-layer seam joining system, ensuring world class rigidity. No “taco-ing” on the water so kids, dogs and even NFL linemen are stable.
  • 8 anchoring points – placed on the side for easy access, with 2 in each corner. Overnight storage on the water is now possible by using more than 1 tie-down to prevent the wind from picking up the dock.

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Weight 48 lbs


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